I am contributing my voice for a better world

I am contributing my voice and my study in this exciting project. Share with your friends broadcasters and online broadcasters. Sure they can lend their voice and talent to help people who need our voice.


30 Hours Left for the IndieGoGo Campaign!

WOW! A lot has happened in the past week. We’re honored to have been featured in a radio piece by the National Science Foundation
, an article by Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative, and a touching blog post by Speak for Yourself. Additionally, ALL FOUR Trailblazer voices have been claimed! Congrats to Robert, Tess, Delaney and Max. Further, several 2016 pre-orders have also led successful fundraising campaigns, including Lemmy, Leo, and Simon. We are so impressed by everyone’s fundraising efforts and the power of communities coming together!With only 30 MORE HOURS left in our campaign, we would love your help with the final push to get the word out.  The campaign will go into “In Demand” starting Wednesday morning, which means that not all the perks will be available and that the introductory prices will not apply. If you know of anyone considering a custom voice or those you think would like to contribute to our mission, please direct them to the campaign. We are so grateful to each and every one of you for contributing and making this campaign a success!Sara demonstrates why finding a voice that fits is so important.

My name is Sara and I am almost 16. I have used a communication device since I was 4 years old. I have cerebral palsy and have never been able to talk using my own voice. I have tried a few different voices on my devices over the years. They always sounded too young (high and squeaky) or too old (like a mature mom voice) and of course they were digital and hard to understand. The voice I use (called “Heather”) is also the voice on our local ATM machine, similar to my mom’s GPS and the same as 5 other students in my school. I am very excited that I will be getting my own voice! My 16th birthday is coming soon and I asked my family to help pay for my voice instead of getting me a present I wouldn’t use. I was able to pay for my pre-order voice in 2 days. I am looking forward to talking to my boyfriend and besties with my own voice.

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Native Spanish voiceover actor with neutral accent. More than 20 years as Spanish Voice Talent. Home studio freelance. 24H turn around. I’m very flexible and ready for your needs. Voice talent and translation team.

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